Bernadine Gleason

Specializing in Trauma Therapy


I LOVE working with groups because I assist my participants with helping each other by sharing their own experiences in a very genuine way.  It is my goal to create groups where healing can happen and that can only happen when a “safe environment” is present.  Previous participants have said that it is a place where they can be themselves because others are real as well.


Accepting sign-ups for a new Boundaries group.

My Boundaries group is a biblically focused therapy group using the book, “Boundaries” by Henry Cloud & John Townsend for women with or without a Christian background looking to improve their relational issues with an emphasis on codependency/enabling & setting boundaries (i.e. “learning to say no and follow through” or “I will not stand here anymore and allow you to speak to me so aggressively…” or “I will no longer feel responsible for your feelings, they belong to you”).  Please contact Bernie Gleason if you are interested in joining us.

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