Bernadine Gleason

Specializing in Trauma Therapy

June 06, 2018

Building Boundary Muscles!

Ever struggle with believing you don’t have the right to “ask for what you want in life?”  Actually, that is a very common belief that I hear from many clients.  

Where does an adult learn that they have the right to speak up or where do they learn that they don’t have the confidence to express their wishes in many areas of their lives?  When an adult comes from a secure background, it is there that that muscle of confidence is formed.  If a child is praised for their creativity, loved when they fail, listened to when they have an opinion, most of their needs were met, they learned to feel safe & knew they could depend on someone…that child who grows into an adult would come to learn that they matter, freer to express their opinion, free to disagree respectfully and feels more confident.  

Without that secure attachment, that adult child can grow up with little or no security within their bones, may become a people pleaser & might look to others to give them a sense of worth.  If this describes you, there is hope…“Boundaries” by Townsend & Cloud teaches us how to rebuild those muscles that never developed.  It is in watching these new muscles form & grow strong that drives my passion to assist clients with developing boundaries and/or lead Boundaries groups.  Please call me @ 805.433.3825 if you are interested in building your muscles.

November 20, 2017

Boundaries Group

Boundaries group is a biblically focused therapy group using the book, “Boundaries” by Henry Cloud & John Townsend for women with a Christian background looking to improve their relational issues with an emphasis on codependency/enabling & setting boundaries (i.e. “learning to say no” or “I don’t like what you did” or “you may not speak to me that way”). Please contact Bernie Gleason, 805-433-3825 if you are interested.

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